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Request Category Birth        Church Staff     Death       Financial    Government    Hospital
Medical   Military           Missions  Personal      Praise               Relationships
Salvation Spiritual           Unspoken

Description (Describe complete request so we understand your request)

Subject to Share (This is the only information that we will share)

If the request is for a person, is that person a member of :
Member of Lowery Creek Baptist Church   Member of another Church
Not a Member of Another Church                Unknown

Request Submitted  by 
Submitters Email Address
Submitters Contact Number
SubmittersRelationship Submitters Relationship to the person or subject needing prayer:
Friend        Family            Co-Worker            Other

We will not share the exact nature of any prayer request unless you specifically state to share that portion (Subject to Share).  If the prayer request is for someone else you must have their permission or family member in order for us to able to share their information with their name.

Click on all that apply: (The most stringent lines marked will override the others)
1.  I have permission form the person needing prayer to share their name and information  Yes
2.  Submit without releasing the persons name.Yes
3.  Submit for print to the prayer request in the Church Bulletin.  Yes
4.  Submit to post prayer request on website prayer list.  Yes
5   Submit to share prayer request with email prayer group. Yes
6   Submit to Pastor. Yes
7   Submit to Deacons. Yes
8   Submit as Annonymous Submitter.  Yes