Van Ministry

Do you need a ride to church?

We will provide transportation if you do.

Lowery Creek Baptist Church has a van that runs every Sunday morning and for Wednesday Childrens and Youth Activities.

A van can pick you up and or your kids at your door prior to Sunday School and will take you and or kids back to your home after the program or service.

There is no cost involved. The only thing you have to do is notify the church that you would like a ride (601-752-5510). See you Soon!

 Van Ministry Director.
Email: info@lowerycreekbaptistchurch.com


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Anyone riding the church van will be required to the follow the church van drivers instructions.  Anyone that does not follow the drivers rules may be banned from riding the church van.   Once banned from riding the church van it will require the approval of the Lowery Creek van committee prior to being allowed to continue riding the church van. 

Click on all that apply:
1.  I would like a ride to church for Sunday School (starts at 9:00am)  Yes
2.  I would like a ride to church for Sunday Morning Worship Service (starts at 10:00am) Yes
3.  I would like a ride to church for Sunday Night Church Training (starts at 5:00pm)  Yes
4.  I would like a ride to church for Sunday Night Worship Services (starts at 6:00pm)  Yes
5   I would like a ride to church for Wednesday Night Childrens Activities (starts at 6:00pm) Yes
6   I would like more information on becoming a church van driver Yes
7   I have been banned from riding the church van and want to get approved again Yes